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Picture showing the front entrance of K of C hall
4109 West 8th
Cincinnati, Ohio 45205
513 873-1034

Knights of Columbus 3376

Mother Seton Council

You can contact a member of the Knights of Columbus for a tour of our hall by Email or calling 513-873-1034.

You can also have a look at the pictures below to get a feel for Mother Seton Hall, just click on an image.

Mother Seton Hall

Outside views

Front view 4 of Mother Seton Hall. Front view 6 of Mother Seton Hall. Information sign in front yard. Back view 1 of Mother Seton Hall. View 1 of side deck. View 2 of side deck. Windows from outside of deck

Inside Views

Inside Hall pic 1 Inside Hall pic 2 Inside Hall pic 3 Inside Hall pic 3 Inside Hall pic 4 Inside Hall pic 5

To check for Mother Seton Hall date availability please navigate to the Calendar page.

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