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Picture showing the front entrance of K of C hall
4109 West 8th
Cincinnati, Ohio 45205
513 873-1034

Knights of Columbus 3376

Mother Seton Council

The wall on the western frontier

Work on the side yard completed with a small retaining wall and more grass seed tossed down. Volunteers included Paul Schoster, Dan Book, Jim Tonis, Charlie Meyer, Dennis Smith, Bob Schutte, and special guest worker JJ Smith.

Wall pic 1 Wall pic 2 Wall pic 3 Wall pic 4 Wall pic 5 Wall pic 6

Walk through the office

In January 2015, the new members of the Home Company joined the old in an office clean up party. We pulled all the racks, tools, supplies, and equipment out of the office. We sorted and tossed out the junk, returned members personal tools left from previous work efforts, and then reorganized the office.

Wall pic 1 Wall pic 1 Wall pic 1 Wall pic 1 Wall pic 1 Wall pic 1

Clean up the media room

Dan & Dennis once again clean out the media room and remove the clutter.

Media room cleaned out Media room cleaned out Media room cleaned out

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